Sunday, 5 March 2017

First day back............

Its been a while, one thing and another has conspired to limit my resources for this project the last 12 months, that said i'm still pretty skint but what i want to get on with i have the materials for - things like ply, decorative veneer and epoxy.

The insides coming along but thats a closely guarded secret which i'll reveal at some point as i don't want to post too much before i get back to where it was before i destroyed the last iteration. 

For an idea of what it'll look like maybe go here, here and here.

Having spent a good few days in the shed doing maintanance i realised how awful the keels profile were when lit from the one working light at the time, so made this the first order of business not before building myself a new table saw courtesy of and equipping the shop with a complete set of tools and machinery largely made up of old 110V kit and a few bits bought on ebay. 

This way i'm completely independent of the day-to-day kit i previously had to keep removing from the van everytime i worked on the boat plus i'm not putting mileage on the tools i use to make a living with.

The profiling of the keels was always on the cards seeing as the gelplaner had all but iradicated any detail of that area of the hull so after sorting the trailing edge i thought it timely to consider the leading edge. 

The original plan was to build up with fairing compound and shape but i know from experience putting the hull back together you end up chasing ghosts via the light and shadows cast. However while assessing what to do with three of the four flood lights in the shed dead that i saw an absolute howler on the port keels front edge.

Due in no small part to me piling on the kevlar and glass i had eventually lost the original fine profile, infact the shadow cast by the one working floodlight implied my fine naca profile replaced by an almost semi-circular shape instead. 

This may seem excessive considering it is only a Centaur after all but they're slow enough already without putting the brakes on further with mis-shapen keels and seeing as the finer detail at the stubs top forward-most area was gone lead to the decision to sort it.

Cue hot-glue gun - bought for just four quid on ebay i can't recommend these enough for temporary or permanant bonding depending on application as this attached the ply to the boat with all checked before, during & after with the laser - another tool in the box thats proven its worth. Once made i glued and screwed mdf plates either side of the ply patterns so as to hold the profiles shape.

Once happy - and this is where the hot-glues properties come in - a sharp jerk of the plate and the whole assembly broke free from the hull with the glue on! So no clean up of the boat, happy days.

As is the case this was the easy bit, got there though using correx and then getting super itchy routing lap joints in the glass. All done over a couple of days so a good start back, just need to sand out the lumps in the glass and cut the profile before bonding to the hull.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Will be back soon.

Just getting my body clock round the right way having had a few weeks in New Zealand then i should be good to go again. In the meantime i think i have figured out google photos and have got all the albums sorted back in date order on my Google + page called 'collections' all accessible by clicking on 'Project Photo Album' in the right hand margin.

Highlight of the NZ trip was nerding out once more in Auckland, at the viaduct - this time around it was seeing two of the late Sir Peter Blake's Whitbread boats, Lion from the '85 / '86 race and Steinlager 2 from the '89 / '90 race although i couldn't get anywhere close to 'Big Red' as the gate to the pontoon where its parked was locked but still impressive to look at both nonetheless.

Lion New Zealand

Steinlager 2 'Big Red'. 

Work and pictures of my project will resume shortly, at present its too cold for bonding so bear with me while the weather warms up. Have got on making a few interior bits but have decided to get things finished before posting the pictures


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sunday, 11 September 2016

That was fun..........................I think?

Finally got done making a complete copy of every album so that they're all available once again in the public domain, spent from Friday evening until this afternoon doing it, god it was boring!

Still all they are are the pictures as to put in every comment from every picture from every album  in would take me until Christmas so apologies there, but thanks to Google i couldn't even copy and paste the old comments over as the pages the photos are in are locked even when i log in but hey tell Google.

Speaking of which most of the pictures that are linked in posts here on the blog do work its just you can't access them all in a gallery of albums in Google Photo's hence the need for a new album courtesy of Smugmug.

Now that's done i hope it draws a line under this bloody nightmare so i can get on with the boat, gotta be honest though this year's been a bit of a write-off in terms of getting anything major done so for the time being talk amongst yourselves and i'll be back in a tick.


Sunday, 14 August 2016 to the rescue!

Have spent the day starting the big transition from google photos to an online photo app called This so i can share all my pictures publicly to anyone and everyone, sure i've got to pay $72 a year for the privilege but its a small price to pay to escape the clutches of a truly stupid, greedy / nosey behemoth of a corporation like google. 

To re-cap google retired Picasa a free and truly brilliant piece of photo editing / hosting software to replace it with something so totally unfit for purpose you'd think it was dreamt up by a government and not a private company. 

And what with the replacement software unable to freely share pictures and albums with anybody anytime it begged the question: "Whats the point of it then?" To which all the replies i got over the past week told me to "send feedback" or "yes Picasa has been retired we understand your frustration."

Well they clearly don't as these set piece replies have been trotted out to thousands of disgruntled users like me since the start of this year looking at their forums page.

As i said on the google products forum the other night, you have to wonder how much coke's being snorted back in the office for them to not have realised the gigantic oversight to this new photo sharing app, that being you can't actually share anything without a google account.

Google seems to be heading in a rather Orwellian direction if you ask me.

Still I've got as far as uploading albums to Jan 2015 so that's 18 months worth from the most recent work and will do the rest in the coming weeks and sort the links out so i can do a full delete from google. I'm quite taken with the new smoother look to the albums page so much so i may have tidy up of my blogs page. 

But more importantly is to get some time on the boat before years end.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The nightmare continues..............................

Have spent the last couple of evenings going through the blog from day one to present and rather annoyingly some pictorial links work and some don't. So what i propose doing is - well - once i've found a decent alternative to Picasa will be to set up a handful of albums by year that will include the projects undertaken.

It does fuck me off a little as the whole point of this blog was the stories, the failures as well as the small victories and i kinda think its now lost a bit with Picasa's demise. I say this as i could look at a picture and remember what i was doing thinking and feeling. 

I now have little idea what pictures are where and how i go about sorting out the mess of dead links created entirely by a bunch of money grabbing c**ts in silcon valley.

Still the past is the past so if anyone knows of a decent alternative to Picasa give us a shout in the comments below.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Thanks google..........................

For totally fucking up all my project albums, yes Picasa Web Albums came to end last week and what did they replace it with? 

Why the piece of shit known as google photos of course, except the link that i was given displays all my albums randomly - making it infinitely more difficult to navigate.

Nice one google twats!!

Have spent an entire day today trying to figure out what i was doing wrong until about 8 o'clock this evening when I discovered the google photos forum, seems i'm not alone in thinking what a piece of shit Google Photos is!

Curiously most of the links in the text work but you cant access all the albums at once like in Picasa which was a gallery of albums all neatly labelled and organised chronologically - latest first. 

You gotta wonder what goes through the minds of these fucking nerds when they take something as easy to use and as multi-faceted as Picasa and replace it with a piece of software that looks and feels like it was designed for 12 year olds with a fraction of the features.

Don't be evil................................whatever!