Sunday, 5 January 2020

If you want pictures go next door.

Seriously, I've archived - by year and job all the google photos albums over at, a sister site i've set up where, if you don't want to wade through my ramblings you can find most stuff by year and picture. I did something similar on facebook but then a mate of mine pointed out not everyone's on facebook hence this new site.

I've redirected the link in the right hand margin called PROJECT ALBUM to this sister site. Of course all this convoluted bollocks is made entirely possible by google who it seems launch a new app or software to great fanfare and applause then quietly bin it when it hasn't made them enough money in ad revenues causing utter devastation to those using it.

Google photos being the brilliant example of this and the era we're in of solving a problem no one had in the first place, (binning picasa) then causing utter chaos trying to migrate to something else, (normally for a fee) or sorting a work-around to keep things going like i have.


Wednesday, 31 July 2019


And then one day you find tens years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

Ten years ago today that picture was taken. I find it quite scary how that song echoes (no pun intended) the project; something started at leisure as "life is long and there is time to kill today" to now where plans truly have "come to naught" whilst "hanging on in quiet desperation" as i look towards finishing it, and no - i will not beg like so many others now do.

Still, on a more positive note if i knew then what i know now i would've torched the bloody thing given how its come to dominate my life whilst the arse has fallen out of the boat market as well as the wider economy for the job i do.

You live & learn eh?...........................

*EDIT* will be back on it fairly shortly.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Albums (again)

Now Google Plus is dead, I've provided links to the originals on my facebook page, the link is now changed on the right called 'Photo Album' I've done it year by year as to link to several hundred albums will take forever. 

I will eventually set up a site for the albums independent of Google, FB etc as i can't keep doing this every few months. If there's any specific pictorial information anyone wants, message me and i'll dig it out.


Saturday, 2 February 2019

Future words.

As i write this its now 1:30am, I have spent the last seven hours going through every link, every photograph making sure they all work and have removed anything that's dead. If you find any let me know. 

Google are now closing down Google Plus and have stopped the archive facility in Google Photos so i guess it wont be long before the links are all dead again, I will keep this page up as long as it still works.

On a more positive note i intend dragging the project out of hiatus summer 2019 for one final push, I'll post project updates here and also on my new facebook page.

Until then.........................

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


I realise most are broken on this blog courtesy of Google when they (for reasons best known to themselves) retired a perfectly great bit of software called Picasa Web Albums to replace it with the massively dysfunctional Google photos.

So with that in mind and from a number of emails in recent times asking me to re-instate the links and pics i have added two links in the right hand margin; one titled 'Keels' the other titled 'Hot Vac System'. Also there's a link on the WOA wiki site of how i built the hot vac system here.

This i hope should help flesh out what i did, apologies for the lack of annotations to the pictures they were all lost when Google had their brainwave plus to go through nine years of ramblings sorting every link would drive me insane.

And for the last time, no - my hot vac systems are not for sale or borrowing thanks.


Saturday, 1 July 2017


Thanks for the kind words, I have a couple of avenues to follow up that might restart the project but for the time being consider it over. That said I'm more than happy to answer any technical queries or any questions that may help you with your own projects. Cheers.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

You're surrounded!

I now have the forepeak insulated and all the internal hatch surrounds made up ready to go, stopped myself before fitting them as they looked boring (white) so i bust out the silver carbon and now they look ace.

Have spent the weekend gunning 2k high gloss over them after going wet on tacky three times over with reactive resins epoxy.

Just realised i haven't actually posted since Mads Dahlke from Sail Life channel on Youtube got in touch to pick my brains about how i built the homebrew hot vac system. Turns out he's got a bit of a challenge as i had drying out the hull but wants to do it without bankrupting himself.

Have had a bit of back and forth over the costs of my kit i built some seven years ago on email and realised what a bargain i got from Hawco who made my silicone rubber mats, still I've got Mads up and running and he should take delivery of his mat in a couple of weeks time & he'll save a bundle over a yard doing the work. I'll post some more when time permits..................................................