Sunday, 5 July 2009

Anyone know a decent osteopath?

Thinking i should let my back recover from its radical workout i decided the course of action should be to strip off all the loose rust and give the keel a chemical bath to try and stabilize whatever was still stuck to to it.

Opinions seemed polarised regarding treating rusty keels, i spent much spare time reading the owners forum seeking advice and a lot i found puzzling but one name kept coming up when i did any searches on the subject was POR15.

From what i found on the net this seemed to be the kiddy it was sold as a system, (or at least it was to me) you bought the chemical bath product (marine clean) then an acid etch primer (metal ready) then finally finished off with 2-3 coats of the metal primer (POR15) and most encouraging of all the whole lot came to £80 or thereabouts.

I bought all my product from this place as they were the cheapest.

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