Monday, 6 July 2009

Did you get planning for that?

"Its a temporary structure" i told the passer-by, that coupled with dirty looks from all and sundry who either drove or walked past over the proceeding two weeks finally led to a letter from the local council (NFDC).

Very politely it asked me to remove the 'enormous structure' within 21 days or it would be done for me. I then got serious (doesn't happen very often), fearing a good few quids worth of materials and tools was all for nothing i got a meeting with the senior planning officer.

Given the way local authorities have a penchant for rules and regulations i was expecting an officious pain in the arse.

Imagine my surprise when i was greeted by a very friendly helpful face by the name of Mrs Williams, (senior planning officer) after sharing a few jokes about no problems finding the place, the upshot of the meeting was that for it to stay as it was it would need to go in the back garden where it wouldn't pollute the street scene.

And like that the meeting was over, in my opinion i got the impression she wasn't really that bothered and so now this months challenge was to reproduce what was in the front in the back garden.

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