Saturday, 4 July 2009

Getting high

Wasn't what i had planned for, but it goes to show what not reading the label can do for your brain chemistry.
My first big job after emptying the boat was to remove all the vinyl linings in both cabins. It was after reading a couple of comments on the owners forum that someone mentioned 'auto glym' tar remover was the kiddy for removing the glue residue left behind once the headlining had been removed.

With this in mind i went to my local halfords and cleared them out of all their product on the shelf, i think it was seven bottles. i then headed back to the yard and started spraying the main saloon ceiling and left it to soak.

After another few minutes i found myself panting like a dog and feeling really dizzy. Then, thinking my glasses had misted up i took em off to find the haze was still there, i must of pumped two maybe three bottles of the stuff around the main cabin by this time and realised i was swimming in it.

It was time for a breather and something to eat, after that i made sure to keep hatches and companionway open whenever i used the stuff, i think in the end to do all the linings throughout the boat i used a total of nine bottles it really works though even if it is a little nasty to breath.

Also a top tip (in hindsight) would be to invest in mask and goggles, i remember getting good results especially in the quarter berths and forecabin with a 'face-off' disc and wire brush attachments for the drill after leaving the remover to soak in for ten mins or so.

Admittedly not an easy job to do but the end result looks good.

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