Saturday, 4 July 2009

Having spent

The remainder of 2007 taking more and more bits off the boat and generally not getting an awful lot done i was finding it a chore running backwards and forwards to the boat in the yard and especially so if you had forgotten something.

So at the beginning of 2008 i decided to bring the boat home, but for me to successfully work on the boats keels i would need a cradle not having the luxury of heavy lifting gear to hand.

It was with some interest and alot of luck i saw an advert a few months previous on the owners forum for a cradle for a Centaur.

Now it may sound odd considering the fact shes a bilge keeler, but to do the keels on a Centaur you need some way of propping the boat up while you re-bed /reinforce them or take them off and having seen some of the pictures on the forum i didn't fancy going the Heath-Robinson way of using anything to hand to prop three tonnes of boat up.

So one trip to devon later to meet a nice chap called Chris Fulford owner of a Centaur called Gemini and i was now in possession of said cradle.
With the front lawn now successfully a memory (cool - no more mowing) i could bring the boat back home.

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