Sunday, 5 July 2009

How much do they weigh?

Lifting anything becomes tiring, but the keels took this to whole new level - i knew how i was going to get them clear of the boat but after that i'd drawn a blank. One idea was to buy a fork lift truck but that was discounted on cost grounds, the second idea was to hire something, but again the prices were almost comparable to buying.

Feeling a dull ache between my ears i knew an idea was forming, then it came to me - engine hoist! EUREKA.

I found one on ebay that would take two tonnes and was only £140 new, so immediately bought it, next i needed some ply to lay down on the ground to create the smooth surface over which the hoist would move.

With all this set up and ready i set about the task of removing the first keel, my first contestant would be the dodgy starboard side seeing as it was already quite loose.

As i didn't want any 'you've been framed' moments i set about reinforcing each side of the cradle behind each keel this would help support the keel as it came loose and help in its removal by keeping it upright so i could get slings round it.

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