Sunday, 5 July 2009

How much?

With both keels now in the shop i turned to the issue of keel studs and whether or not to replace them, it was after removing all them from the starboard keel that realised it was pointless keeping them since they were all bent into various different shapes.

Curiously the tapped hole that each stud went into was (in my case at least) about 40mm deeper than the length of the stud that sits in the keel, it still blows me away to think that the keels stay attached via 7 stainless steel studs about 150mm long with 50mm protruding from the top of it, the more i thought about that the more i realised replacement was the only option.

So i went online and found a host of suppliers that could supply A4 grade (316L) stainless steel studding and the corresponding nuts and washers, i was taken aback by the cost of buying 2m of 1"UNC and 1M of 3/4"UNC studding plus 28 nuts and 14 washers.

The dearest was just under £850 (bearing in mind i would still have to machine the studding myself and the cheapest who were came in at little over £300 inc vat and carriage, and were incredibly helpful. Job done!


sagar said...

These fasteners are so useful in about every field

roger ball said...

You're right there Sagar although i still have a fair few bits left over from the keels, mainly washers.

Still can't get over how much cheaper it was to buy what i bought as it came via the U.S. into Ireland then onto England and was still less than half the price buying it locally in the UK.