Saturday, 4 July 2009

In the beginning.....

Although this blog is only a couple of days old the actual project its dedicated to dates back to 2005, thats when this first piccy was taken, comprehensively covered in muck but after a good days scrubbing looked quite impressive.
On close inspection it became apparent several jobs needed tending to, firstly the keels. i remember as a kid the starboard one was forever letting water by whilst the port one stayed dry.

The port keel bolts being largely inaccessible under the dinette floor looked to have been encapsulated in GRP from the time of manufacture.

However when the boat was lifted to check for movement in the starboard keel both of them seem to slump towards the centre of the boat, in fairness i was told by several owners this as fairly normal but to me the thought of 600kg of keel swinging about filled me with worry.

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