Saturday, 4 July 2009

Its time to go.......

It did feel a bit sad taking the boat out of the yard considering that had been its home for the last twenty years but as things stood it would be more practical to have the boat where the workshop was - at home.

One of the last jobs i got done before leaving the yard was to remove the old MD2B engine, it was a decision i had made as i want to uprate the on-board electrical systems and feel the engine won't be able to put out the charging capacity i want.

I subsequently bequeathed the engine to the owner of a Hillyard next door to me in the yard who had the one cylinder version of my engine. He needed parts for his, so bits of my engine will live on at least. This made things interesting as now with no engine it would take a bit of expertise from the guys in the yard to tow it across the river to where she'd be lifted out and driven away on the back of a lorry.

Any worries proved unfounded as i got a call from the adjacent yard to tell me the boat was ashore and ready for loading. A couple of calls were made and before i knew it Solway Cloud was homeward bound, now having seen the Centaur amongst other boats in the yard it never looked that big but now planted firmly on my old front lawn it looked really rather big.

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