Monday, 6 July 2009

Keel Stubs

Its fair to say that until i cleaned the starboard stub up i presumed it needed a little grinding back maybe some cloth and resin where there appears to be impact damage but having taken a closer look was quite shocked when the sun was setting at a particular angle so much so that it cast light over all the lumps and bumps.

To say its osmotic is putting it mildly, having earlier looked at the starboard keel before i started filling and fairing it appears something or someone has hit the aft end of it as the pattern of damage is in the same place on the keel and stub (around the furthest aft keel stud location).

Looking at the stub along its length (with the sun shining on it) showed up bloody huge blisters around every keel stud location. So for me to begin the process of grinding back laminate, drying and repairing the affected area would require some sort of canopy over the boat.

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