Sunday, 5 July 2009

Whats the biggest hammer you sell?

In between filling and fairing the keel i got to work preparing the inside of the keel stubs for reinforcing, this involved cutting out all the old work..........well i say cut out more a case of pull out with your own hands!

Having seen the bill for this supposed reinforcing work that was done a few years prior to my dad owning the boat i' d imagine the previous owner would be as sick as a parrot.

I'm not into doing people down but to bed reinforcing fillets straight onto oily bilges and pour neat resin all over the interior floors of the stub is beyond amateur to me.

Still after giving up using conventional means (bloody great hammer and chisel) i ran air lines out to the boat and fired up a selection of air chisels, which made light work of digging out all the crap that had been put in there.

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