Monday, 24 August 2009

Covering up..................

After the spectacle of lifting the boat came the realisation we'd be putting the canopy backup, not a problem in itself ; but there's something incredibly demoralising about doing the same job twice.

Although that said we had done it once so a second time round would prove easier, even if the weather wasn't on our side. Not believing how utterly shit the weather could be within 24 hours it was good to get in the relative warm of my newly completed (temporary) cathedral.

Thoughts now turned to temporary power and lighting to make the space more practical, after a quick run to the local 'wickes' diy chain i came back with some cable, sockets and four floodlights and produced this

Having taken delivery of a new batch of west's and a load of cloth my attentions have now turned back to the remaining (port) keel which is nearing the end of its filling and fairing operation.

Just a coat of hi-build filler, some red oxide and the studs bolted in - jobs a gooden!

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