Saturday, 3 October 2009

Go play in the sand pit!

Its been a while since i last posted anything but can now report the boat is free of all its anti-foul and am now carving (literally) the decks up with a 20 grit abrasive disc to get rid of 40 years of non-slip paint. More of this later

The pictures reveal a certain amount of repairs and damage and of course the full extent of the blistering to the hull, but without sand blasting there would be no way of telling the condition of what lay underneath.

There are no before and during pictures for this part of the project as it was a 'head down and get on with it' job, i can report this is the first and last time i will ever do this.

Apart from the half ton of kiln dried sand from my local builders merchants and the acquisition of a big bastard compressor and blasting pot to undertake the job i can see why professionals charge the fees they do.

Even with all the protective equipment (air fed mask, disposable overalls, ear defenders & ski goggles...yes ski goggles) the dust gets everywhere not to mention looking like a twat.

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