Monday, 12 October 2009

Time to strip!

I'm now down to the final few pieces of hardware that need removing from the deck to get the hull and deck prepped for painting.

One problem was how to remove the the rigging eyes mounted in the deck, one to port was encapsulated the other hidden behind a 'formica' panel so after much cutting and swearing the port one came away, to starboard prompted me to remove the galley module.

The main reason being i have always had designs on making a better galley for the boat to encompass a few modern conveniences and also so i can carry out the reinforcing work on the keel stub more proficiently.

Having wrestled the panels off i was left with galley module which i duly marked along lines in the moulding to aid accuracy and also to provide a way of fitting the new module to the dimensions of the old.

It came away after a bit of a fight to be left with a rather large gap.

Now onwards to the rest of the hardware, next being removal of the pushpit requiring access to the lazerette, time for the jigsaw and grinder again.............................

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