Friday, 22 January 2010

The big strip.

Solway Cloud's bottom is no more, it was over pretty quickly by all accounts and not nearly as expensive as i thought. Shame i took so long to decide on this course of action really, mind you hindsight is 20:20.

Enjoy the pictures.

Happy New Year.

Well it has been a while (yet again) and i have done precisely sod all for the last couple months due in no small part to the weather, so bored stupid over the holidays i bought an electric compass planer in an attempt to do my own gel-strip.

The results were a bit crap to tell you the truth and although slightly dis-heartened i'm glad i exhausted all avenues before seeking professional help.

The basic problem with my boat as with alot of Westerly's of this era is the thickness of the gel coat, i was going through a pair of planer knives every dozen-or-so passes. Time was another factor as to clean a patch roughly two foot square took an entire day.......defeat wasn't far off.