Saturday, 17 April 2010

Am i seeing double?

Yes ladies and gentlemen after close to year both keels are finally done although not without some repairs to the starboard keel - i think caused in no small part by the really cold winter we had.

Essentially both casting caps had cracked open and erupted outwards so after a few days with a hot-air gun, grinder, primer & resin etc i got it looking someway decent.

However not such a problem with the port keel, i'm really pleased how it turned out and even made a couple of covers for each of the keels so they breath whilst being covered up (which i think is part of the reason the casting caps cracked.)

With both keels sat together on their respective crates i really feel a sense of accomplishment as both were in such bad shape when removed from the boat and now seeing them looking better than new.

I now need to get a lick on and get the keel stubs sheathed and remade but to do that i need to make exact templates of each keel to offer upto the stub this is to make sure i get a perfect joint, still what with those to make and the heat pads to test i will be busy these next few weeks.


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