Friday, 28 May 2010

Now we're cooking on gas.........

Literally after 18 months of cutting, grinding, cursing and finally removing various stubborn lumps of Solway Cloud, i have for the first time this week actually put something back in. Nearly keeled over (no pun intended) at the price of the materials used (work's still abit scarce at the moment) but all in all very happy with the results of the work.

My starboard keel stub is now three times as thick than before and touch wood more stronger, still on a steep learning curve though, to the point where i stopped everything on Monday to put more vents into the shed.

This in some vain attempt to get the air moving inside the canopy and so give me a few more minutes open time with the epoxy, i have a rubbish bag half full of mixing cups all with about 100ml of gone-off wests and a paint brush stuck in the middle.

After all this re-modelling was carried out i got back to tabbing in the ribs and finished off today by reinstating the keel stud holes. I have also fitted the template up to the stub to check for accuracy and will need to do some fettling to the areas around each hole.

It was observed that the studs and washers pull up at odd angles on a couple of locations and as i want a proper job done and for everything to sit down flat on the stub floor it will require a bit of filling and fairing.


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