Thursday, 20 May 2010

Updates again.

What have i been doing? Well i've got the new rudder pretty much finished barring mounting the skeg on the hull and fitting rudder all of which i can only do once the hull has been laminated, still won't be long now seeing as i've got sod all work on at the moment.

Have also cut away all the skin fittings on the hull to make way for new ones in new places, it is customary during these jobs to curse and swear like a trooper . The reason being the complete lack of thought that went into the materials used for the environment they would be subjected to, hence lots of blackened rotten plywood beaten/ground out & very stingy scratchy face for the rest of the week. Cheers Westerly!

What else..............oh yes, i have removed the engine bearers to make way for new ones to sit my lovely new 29 horse HMI lump on.

You should know this project wasn't on the cards but because i had relied on the technical data of the engines handbook and not actually measured the bearers i found the bearers to be a good hundred mill narrower than stated. F*@K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway a couple of trips to screwfix i later i obtained my own 'volvo engine-bearer removal kit' which consisted of a reciprocating saw and plenty of blades, a ten inch angle grinder with both stone and metal discs and a shed load of discs for the small grinder to tidy up the scene of crime.

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