Sunday, 13 June 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally the gods are smiling as of yesterday i finished the starboard keel stub save for removing the Plasticine i used to block up bolt holes & all of it painted too.

I decided to use epoxy based garage floor paint for the bilges (purchased on ebay) - good price too £40 for two gallons plus postage still worked out at about £4.80 a litre which i thought was pretty good value versus the usual marine 'heist' of £25 a litre for pretty much the same stuff.

The port side is nearly done too, just need to sand back and paint as i finished tabbing it all in yesterday so -touch wood- i shall have both stubs done early part of next week then on into the engine bay to make and fit bearers and battery boxes.

To be honest i'm finding it hard to stay motivated at the moment i think because of the general lack of work about and the nature of the work on the boat its hard to keep my mind on the job. Plus with all the heat, the scratching and the general covering myself in wests then washing down with acetone everyday, (all in 35 degree heat inside the shed) its not much fun.

Looking forward though, after the engine bay is done the next part will be 'modding' the deck moulding to take new lockers, hatch surrounds and companionway hatch plus a lot of filling and fairing, but at least there will be air flow!

I drew out the new lockers on the cockpit seats the other day to see where everything was going and found a bit of inspiration in the process. I'm putting a gas locker in one side and storage for the outboard and tender on the other, it looked pretty good.

Also got round to mounting my 50kg roll of cloth on Tuesday, it works like a dream thanks to an old piece of scaffold pole i cut down and a couple of roller bearings bought off ebay.


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