Friday, 17 December 2010

Its finally stopped raining inside!

I find the process of problem solving on this project as interesting as working on the boat itself, a case in point being the hot vac system or infact making my boat disappear from anyone's line of sight, although that did entail the use of a 25 ton crane, so i can't take all the credit.

the latest 'challenge rog' was to stop it raining inside the boat shed, for one the idea of going to great expense not to mention the time in putting a fairly decent shed over the boat was to keep the elements out whilst the work is undertaken. so imagine my surprise when looking down at the floor to see it soaking wet.

Looking up it was plain to see there was a condensation problem , this wouldn't do -so after a trip to maplins and the acquisition of a humidity/temperature probe showed the roof at 85% humidity it was time to do something.

the first thing was to insulate the roof, originally the idea was to take the existing white tarp off and lay the insulation over the old blue tarp then cover back over but finding the white tarp frozen on, it was going to be cheaper to buy a another tarp. Wickes had a buy 1 get 3...yes 3 free now being a natural tight arse i couldn't pass up such an offer so for £30 i insulated the shed and for another £30 via ebay bought a cheap tarp - job done.

since last weekend we've had several frosts and so so far no moisture problems, i put this down to also cutting half a dozen vents down either side at the eaves so any moist air can escape, it does feel colder because of this but feels a lot drier reflected in humidity readings around 57 - 58%.

what else have i been upto? i've installed a pc in the shed for music and info purposes, the extraction system is also paying dividends too that works a treat, oh yes i have also made winter hats for the keels as the tarps had pretty much destroyed themselves

This means the area around the keel studs is protected from the elements although hairline cracks are forming again on 'Eric' the starboard keel whilst 'Ernie' the port keel seems largely unscathed, i made repairs to 'Eric' in the summer so think its more down to poor prep that this problems recurring that said once its got 25mm of sika on its face and is bolted down tight i'm hoping that will do the trick but that will now be in the new year.

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Warren said...

It's lucky you don't have to worry about snow load...nice job.