Monday, 14 March 2011

Go with throttle up......................

Progress has been stunning the last couple of days, getting lots done as the weather is better and my work has slowed off so i have made a conscious effort to get on and get as much done as possible.

I have allocated the next four weeks towards getting the deck moulding completed to primer coat stage so thats everything - hatch surrounds, rig reinforcements, custom mouldings etc all done in 4 weeks.

After this my attention will turn to everything below the rubbing strakes, namely keels back on hull sheathed, rudder and skeg fitted. Overall i'm giving myself ten weeks to get the lot done then after that i'm hoping the weather will be good enough to get the guns out and paint.

Having a pc in the shed is paying dividends as i have a spreadsheet set up with the days tasks on it. As i write up tasks on a timeline i can tick them off as they get done, i find this a more structured way of working from which i get a sense of accomplishment.

The last few days i blasted the anchor locker out and got the remaining few bits of hardware in the stem out, i've sanded back the coachroof ready for another hit of wests, routed out and vacuum bagged the mast foot area with marine ply & cloth & drilled out every single hole in the deck ready to be filled so plenty done with plenty to do.

Oh yes and i have also taken delivery of some of the hatches that will be fitted and yes they look awesome.

Cheers rog

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