Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back to work!

Not real work although i have got a weeks worth at the end of this week so i guess having everything ready for primer at the end of June has gone for a burton still could do with the money tbh. Just spent the entire day fighting the rudder tube assembly, i wanted to remove the rotten plywood pad the boss sits on and also when it comes to painting i want the minimum of masking so no chance of any paint peeling.

I had this down as an hours work this morning but hadn't banked on it not playing ball and so ended up wasting most of the day in the workshop fashioning various tools out of mild steel to undo said boss. As is always the case the tool that worked was stupidly simple - a piece of 50mm flat bar about a foot long with two notches cut in to fit around the two pins on the boss, (Centaur owners will know what i mean) and bobs yer uncle.

As of writing i have just got done, such was the effort i've had enough for today plus i smell of wd40 & acetone so beer-a-clock me thinks and back to the cockpit drains and bulkheads tomorrow.


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