Saturday, 7 May 2011

Slowing down a bit.

Yes the reality of the task is setting in not that i'm surprised but it must be said working on my own is wearing me down of late, i'm still ticking jobs off but the original time frame was 4-6 weeks to get the deck moulding up together to prime.

Well i've had a few work commitments to fulfil but other than that have spent the rest of my time on the boat but somehow it doesn't look any different - its funny had a guy come over to pick up an outboard i'd sold him via ebay and got talking to him about this.

Turns out he was at Southampton Institute the same time i was studying yacht design, he was on the boat manufacture course in the same faculty he encouraged me saying in a few weeks it will suddenly take shape as you pull all these seemingly disparate jobs together. Needless to say he's no longer in boat building, no money in it - i feel this way with cabinet making (the job i had before going to uni and the one i subsequently returned to after dropping out).

So with this encouragement and the fact works scarce i'm still driving through the jobs one of which was cutting away the floors in the back of the boat this included adding two longitudinal bulkheads also got the toe rails cut and glassed in.

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