Thursday, 7 July 2011

Enthusiasm where did you go?

I wrote an entry a couple of weeks ago entitled 'Mission Creep' bemoaning the length of time everything is taking having wondered a bit from the original brief. Having read it through i published it and then promptly deleted it as it was incredibly negative and written after a bad day in the shed.

Its strange as two weeks on i still can't get motivated, in my day job as a chippy i move mountains all the time because i have to and i'm paid to.

I think this project has taught me that the only way i seem to function & work my hardest are when there's pressure of some kind and payment involved as i just find it so hard at the moment to get motivated

Chatting to friend the other day i said if someone told me the boat had to be gone in 8 weeks from the back garden i would probably have the entire project wrapped. I'm wondering because there is no immediate pressure of deadline or finance that i have lost my way a little.

Or it could be that after two years of grinding, cutting and sanding i'm finally getting fed up of the boat, having said that i am determined to get it in the water for next season but if i knew then what i know now............................

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