Saturday, 27 August 2011

Its becoming a monthly habit - this..........................

Well the rubbing strake's look like new now as i spent a couple of days on them around the start of August pulling all the rotten grain plugs out and replacing with new. The scarf joint on the starboard side got epoxied and clamped so another job ticked off.

What else...........oh yes started work on the hatch surrounds as i finally got the last two hatches delivered, as we speak they have three coats of wests, just a couple more to go and they're ready to be bonded to the deck.

From this i got the idea to make some new window frames in wood, have routed them out from templates i made from the old ones, tomorrow i will sheath them in 200g cloth and see what they look like.

If good i will fit if not well back to the drawing board then next week start bonding everything to the deck .



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