Thursday, 8 September 2011


The windows turned out a tad disappointing so have re-thought what i need to do, it doesn't help using marine ply that splinters when you so much as look at it and a rebate cutter that's absolutely screwed when you're not even half way round the first window frame and there's another three more to do.

The idea is sound its just tools and materials have let down a better execution, anyway i have bonded everything onto the coach roof - hatch bases, winch bases, organiser pads clutch pads etc - actually looking quite cluttered on there if not a little more modern.

i can't explain it - the centaur was conceived in the late sixties but adding these components sympathetically seems to have bought a new coherence to the design - really pleased how its turning out, i just want to see what it looks like with a coat of white.

Had a major disaster on my hands on Tuesday when the tarpaulin on the boat shed roof decided it had had enough of being there and blew itself to shreds.

Not so bad you might think and indeed a perfectly salvageable situation but last winter i insulated the roof with fibreglass (Rockwool) so as you can imagine the back garden was 'snowing' for a while until i could get something temporary on top.

Got the tarp on and fitted Wednesday although trying to dismantle the temporary tarps and gingerly remove the shredded original took some perseverance especially in the driving rain anyway the shed is now sporting new colours blue and white with blacked out vents. I made new ones as the water coming through the thread-bare originals is slowly weakening the chipboard floor.

Not much has been done since as a flurry......well i say flurry , i mean a weeks worth of paid work has come in so not much has got done but if it keeps me and the whole project solvent its worth doing.

Cheers roger

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Tony Reynolds said...

Roger, what an incredible project! From the amount of blogs you have posted you have come a long way. Look forward to reading about the final stretch of the journey. Tony