Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I've been reading......

Alot about motivation and what makes us do things for their own sake. Seeing as the well keeps running dry lately modern theories propose the concept of visualisation - you know closing your eyes and imaging the finished article which i do a lot of but its just the feeling of a lack of progress that depresses the most at the moment.

Still i'm at the stage of hitting the deck moulding with 404 and then rubbing back, i've been doing this for nearly 3 weeks continuously as well as making a composite fuel tank and a bow roller.

I'm still aiming for keels and rudder on and at least primed by years end as the air is too cold and damp i feel to topcoat but never say never.

I will post some pictures seeing as i haven't for a while but in all honesty not a lot looks different, oh yes I've cut out and bonded up frames to make the locations in the cockpit for instrument panels, gauges and tidies so moving forward a little bit at a time.



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