Monday, 5 December 2011

....................and stop.

Once again another year is at an end and i am a little further down the track but nowhere as far as i wanted to be, i've taken all the resins out of the boat shed and stored them indoors as the temperatures are falling.

I'm hoping to continue work as the weather is mild but i am disappointed i have only got as far as i have but i will just keep plugging away at it and hope for warm weather early oh yes and some financial windfall.

Have started on the external areas around the keel stubs, spent the morning drilling the holes back out so i can laminate then drill them through from the inside afterwards, i've observed that the inside of the keel stub floor is not as flat as i wanted - just thinking of the load being spread evenly across when 'dogged' up tight.

Still must get on and wash the hull down for what must be the thousandth time.