Friday, 4 May 2012

Rings around the world.

I hadn't realised blogger re-designed their admin software so you can now see from what countries people are viewing your site.

To my surprise this site is well known throughout the globe as far a field as South Korea and China but is most popular in the US, UK, France and interestingly Russia as well as a host of other EU countries. So with that in mind i have added a gadget that translates the site into 1 of 53 different languages.

Hope it helps...................

Oh yeah, nearly forgot i have finally got round to structurally securing the keels to the hull by taping each keel joint with three successively wider laminations (100mm, 200mm, 300mm) of bi-axial cloth. The keels now look moulded-in and will be interested to see how they perform when out on the water as to whether it goes some way to alleviating the stresses on that area of the boats structure.

Happy Holidays


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