Sunday, 28 October 2012

Back to it

I've finally got some time to work on the boat, so picking up where i left off in August......jesus wheres the year gone........anyway having wrestled the boat off the cradle like steve irwin with a crocadile it seemed fitting to try and finish the hull.

My start point to my embarrassment was the strips of gelcoat where the cradle endplates rested on the hull whilst it was obvious they needed cutting away and glassing in with the usual two layers of cloth and peel ply -  fairly straight forward but somehow in my haste to get the boats hull filled and faired i had forgot to join the three main panels together.

Having dug out the grinder i set about cutting into the fairing compound around the waterline to find where the bow section met the mid section met the stern section, i got all of them opened up and taped everything and then peel plied. All that was left was an 8' x 4' panel in the centre of the boats belly.

I never enjoy doing overhead work but the few panels i've done have largely succeeded by making the panels small so using the tube technique but on a larger scale i was amazed how easy it was to cover such a large area so quickly and against the forces of gravity, here take a look.

More sooner rather than later now i'm no longer living and working on the isle of wight.

Cheers roger

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