Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Yours is no disgrace...............

Got the port side keel done last friday (7th) i was about an hour or so quicker than the starboard - think it was the technique i got nailed down although i'm losing patience with peel ply of late. As you may or may not know it helps with adhesion of subsequent layers (amine blush) but the last couple of lay ups using peel ply seems to have resulted with the stuff bubbling off the work piece regardless of heat source or thickness of resin.

I roll the stuff on with a tube and flat out with roller and squeegee as necessary walking away from the workpiece looking all smooth and next day it looks like the surface of the moon where the peel ply's lifted.

The point being where the ply lifts you have the fabric finish that you see  when laminating  next to smooth finished laminate where it hasn't - the result is big indents in places where this discrepancy occurs not to mention sanding and washing down - a major pain in the arse i could do without and one you're not supposed to have by doing the additional work with the peel ply in the first place

Still on a more positive note i got my sums right with the cloth as i've just hit the last ten metre mark on the roll and i only have the rudder and engine bearers to do so hopefully apart from some local reinforcement around the shroud attachments which i'll do from my big bag of offcuts i won't need to buy anymore cloth.

Spent the last couple of days sanding.............well i say sanding more grinding with a 40 grit sanding disc on the orbital; they now look like keels again, now the final yes final installment is kevlar yep thats right kevlar on a centaur. 

It was stupid not putting the stuff on the keels when they were in the workshop but for a reason that escapes i didn't do it, on top of that i promptly took the cradle away and remembered about two minutes after i'd unbolted everything that i hadn't done it - hard to believe when you keep walking past a 50m roll of the stuff in the shed. Doh!

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