Friday, 4 January 2013

I'd never of thought..........

The amount of time i have spent on constructing and maintaining the boat shed truly bewilders me at times, at present I'm playing a 'cat and mouse' game with the elements; more like a catch 22 really as i need the raised floor of the shed out of the way so i can get access all the way around the bottom of each keel.

You might think little of this until you factor in the UK's rather shitty weather for by removing the floors i now have cold moist air coming up from the ground combining with the warmer air  in the shed creating an immense condensation problem with the encapsulated keels. 

If ever there was a catchphrase for this project  its; "solve one problem create three more" i agree not very catchy but accurate nonetheless.

So what to do? Well i spent the last couple of days head scratching and with one eye on my ever decreasing wallet went for the cheapest most practical solution - to make a fully sealed vapour barrier under the boat using heavy gauge polythene the like you use when pouring a concrete floor. 

Going from one side of the shed to the other in one whole piece i worked late to get it done as high humidity levels are with us for the foreseeable.

Well i went out this morning to see if the keels had stopped wetting themselves and was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the air in the shed as well as completely dry nay almost warm feeling keels.........another problem solved and all because i forgot to laminate the Kevlar when the keels were in the shop.

I get told regularly by family i should write a book about this project but i don't know if i can recount all the cock up's seeing as there's been so many and some i'd rather forget.


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