Saturday, 2 February 2013

Well......well what?

The canopy within a canopy has now been perfected (looks like a poor man's Eden project) and i can achieve near perfect temperatures and humidity within a couple of hours regardless of weather, this after spending Friday carving out all the polyester filler up under the rubbing strakes.

With all the filler removed i masked up the strakes ready for paint, that's still a way off but when the time comes i can release the canopy down the side of the boat to protect the paint and crack on with the deck.

I've also had enough of filling the keels with 410 so decided to apply a guide coat (dark colour) to look for lumps and bumps which although i could feel - when i painted i couldn't see. So a couple more coats, then wet sand, then barrier coat,  then hi- build, then (god this is getting tedious) anti foul and i can remove the cradle and finish the hull......... never ever peel a boat's gel coat - seriously!

il diavolo

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