Sunday, 24 March 2013

Almost there..........

I spent Thursday and Friday coming to the end of what's been five weeks of near non-stop hard graft to get the hull in primer, I'm not quite there yet hence the title but I'm on the last straight. I now know you can barrier coat a Centaur on your own to the required film thickness in a little under nine hours but you will need that third shredded wheat and decent air temperatures.

It was with a sense of excitement i could finally rub out "fill and fair hull" on the wipe-clean board seeing as its been there nearly two years and was a touch emotional when the last coat went on thinking i wouldn't have to do this again. Aching from head to toe and half blind in my right eye (from a direct hit of epoxy) i stood back thinking it actually looks bloody good, a feeling amplified when placing the moisture meter on the hull and it barely registering on the scale. Although I don't think for one minute I've cracked it, it feels great not hearing the alarm blaring on the Tramex.


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