Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fill, sand then repeat..............

Hi sports fans the last few weeks have gone by in a cloud of sanded epoxy, at the time of typing i have only the bit of hull between the keels and a couple of bits along the waterline to do then its barrier coat and prime.

There really is no substitute for hard work (without blowing me own trumpet) as  i tried sulking my way through the first week as well as sanding; who says blokes can't multi-task?  After this came quiet resignation to the task at hand whilst admittedly still cursing as to why i ever had the boat peeled. 

This truly has been a lesson hard learned and one that'll take many years and beers to forget, only once did i break from all the noise and dust to visit coppercoat to get the requisite coppery shiny stuff to put on the  keels. After a frothy coffee and a bloody good laugh with Ewan and Jason i came away with everything i needed to apply what will be its only coat of antifouling for a good ten years.

Then it was back to the lair for another week knocking up epoxy then sanding it off with the  industrial vac. All in all it wasn't as bad as i'd imagined although the keels definately look different but it can't be helped if i want to keep them looking as ace as they do now.


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