Tuesday, 19 March 2013

One hull of a day

Nothing to say other than more sanding and filling these last two weeks and i'm almost there. I've given the hull two coats of shiny black wests so; a) i can see whats left to fill, b) it'll absorb heat quicker so will set rock hard, c) i need to seal the filler which  is porous and d) it looks pretty cool.
So on with the barrier coat next but first i need to buy some more epoxy, curiously i have loads of hardener both fast and slow but no resin and i don't want to start only to run out half way through.


Unknown said...

Getting There Rog!

Hope you are well and don't forget my offer on your maiden voyage!


Mike Green

Unknown said...

well done Rog!

keep up the perseverance, It will pay off!


roger ball said...
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roger ball said...

Too many typo's on the last comment but just to say cheers for looking us Mike. I'll be looking for crew when the time comes so i'll give you a shout.