Sunday, 21 July 2013

How much?!!!!!!!!!!!

I've spent today pricing the last of the hardware i need to purchase so i can drill the fastening holes into the deck and epoxy before spraying so i need to purchase in the next couple of weeks.

Monies more than a little tight for me at present but justified the expense as it means i can move on but to say there's been an increase in price is putting it mildly. An example being YS fittings, I originally priced everything i needed in December from a host of chandlers up and down the country and all I can say is its a feckin joke. Fairleads that were £38 are now over £50 and deck cleats that were £31 are now over £45, I mean how is a 30%+ price increase possible in a little over six months?

My wages at best have plateaued if not gone down in real terms, so how do prices keep magically rising when i'm pretty sure (based on what i do for a living) demand is more than sluggish given the financial climate?

Another example - plywood, what was £18 for a sheet of 12mm is now £24 and thats in the space of three months! I make no apologies for ranting for its not without good reason as i'm desperately trying to keep focussed on getting this boat finished but with prices for components and materials moving in an upward-only direction & at an alarming rate I am amazed Westerly's and the like kept going as long as they did.

Rant over.

Any comments on this (and anything boat related) always welcome.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Two words... "boat jumble"...

Only way I can afford the blocks, tackle, pad eyes, shackles I need!

roger ball said...

cheers steve, think i'll have to