Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm still sulking abit

But not as much - as i want this boat done now, so have reconciled myself to spending the money to get the bloody thing finished. I found an engineer called David Swain of Swain Marine off the internet who was recommended by the manufacturer of my engine and it turns out he lives local to me. 

He came round the other day and i had a chat about what i wanted to do and was pleased with the advice he gave and in no way was it what i've been used to when dealing with anyone with the word 'marine' in their name, very helpful bloke.

So that got me back into the engine bay to start the final bits and pieces to prep for the installation not least of all repairing the thrust bulkhead which had come way from the heap of chopped strand that had previously kept it part of the boat.

I'm currently waiting on a handful of bits which Lake Engineering in Poole are making for me at very reasonable rates, again another shock of getting good, knowledgable service from the marine sector, if this carries on i'll have to change my opinion about the whole sector.

The old stern tube cleaned up very well so I'll be re-using that but she'll get a new prop shaft, cutlass bearing and new inboard fitting to take a pss seal to get the engine in and aligned - you know the wallet can only take so much at once. 

Then todays work involved laying a coat of primer on the locker surrounds as i'm terminally bored filling and fairing them and had no idea where i was at with them, suffice to say they need more work but at least i can see where now.


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