Tuesday, 27 August 2013

More stuff........................

Spent the day cutting, shaping and fitting the engine bearers, got the first pieces in and will move onto marking and drilling for the steel angle. Theres a few things i'm still puzzled over as the bearers are true and plumb in the horizontal and vertical yet the starboard bearer is 6mm lower than the port side - odd.

Still its better than the first attempt which was an engineered solution using 18mm marine ply, it looked good until i planed it then decided hardwood was the way to go. I went to my timber merchants and bought four metres of Sapele window board, whacked it all in a vacuum then got down to cutting and shaping.

Quite pleased with this solution but having used a ton of the stuff i'm almost out of epoxy again still its all in the name of progress, which reminds me i got the plastic tank dry-fitted to check dimensions and space - all went swimmingly although i had to build a plinth for it to sit level so the rather expensive wema sender will work.

To be honest I'm a bit paranoid about forgetting to fit things before the engine goes in as once its in it'll make fitting anything behind it almost impossible - better make a list i think.

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