Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Shiny thing make it all better.........again.

I got a call whilst wedged into the engine bay this morning, gotta admit i couldn't be bothered to move so waited until i'd finished washing and sanding the epoxy to play back the phone message. Turns out my bits were ready to collect, these being the parts that'll allow me to fit my engine to the boat.

Having handed over my debit card for them to assault and batter i stood there drooling like a complete idiot over- lets face it lumps of metal - but being your typical magpie-minded bloke i find you cant beat a good shiny object to stare at and like that my bad mood of the last few weeks lifted.

Plus the fact i feel in some small way i'm getting closer to the prize, that being never having to squeeze myself into the engine bay ever again, all i need from here on in is to fit the bearers, fit the new fuel tank when it arrives and we're ready to go - hoo-feckin-rah.

If there was a downer it was finding one whole gallon of my famed concrete floor paint that i use for bilge painting had gone off so i'm hoping to get an order 24hr'd tomorrow to wrap up the engine bay by the weekend or at least be ready to glass in the bearers early next week.


derek said...

It must be good to get to this point and think that the engine side of things is nearly finished. I wish I could say the same.

roger ball said...

Mate i can't believe its almost done, much like the keels - not before time. No in all honesty theres still abit to do but this is the biggest job done (almost).