Monday, 7 October 2013

"Step away from the air saw"

When I started this project back in 1861 I completely underestimated the need for many and various power tools, being a jobbing chippy i thought i had more than enough to tackle a build such as this but in the last few years i must of  bought every air tool plus a compressor as well as a plethora of sanders and grinders.

But my favourite tool and one that always comes out of the toolbox first is one i have on long term loan from a mate and thats the air hacksaw, its addictive too largely due to its versitility and lack of dust it creates. For the past two weeks its all i've used  - well that and grinders of varying sizes, but its made removing the interior a breeze.

Today started out with the usual amount of staring at the task in hand for a good 30 minutes then slurp coffee then rub chin - then more coffee then suit up, gimp mask on, cans on and off we go. Todays brief was remove half the main bulkhead whilst carefully unpicking it from the internal moulding that is the heads, this duely done i caught the reflection of the heads moulding in the bright light of my worklight to see nothing but bubbles in the gel no doubt years of piss splashes and water from the basin as well as the heads when heeled.

Thinking this wont do i made the heads history literally in minutes then got thinking i've taken everything out from the transom to the forepeak why not take the forepeak out? For a good half hour i weighed it up but realising there was little to be gained put the saw down and started hoovering.......for a change.

Since the design brief is so fluid i have to reign myself in and not get carried away although i can't / won't compromise on the vision i have in my head there is still a bit of me that has at least a couple of toes touching the ground to make sure the project remains on a path of sorts..................................

Tomorrow i'll glass in the bearers then the bulkheads and start putting the centre of the boat back together.


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