Friday, 11 October 2013

There's something bothering me.......

Its not the fact that this project has taken too long, or the out-of-control costs or what the end result will be - no its the uncomfortable feeling when things just aren't a hundred percent, its been a problem the last couple of years and it just won't go away - i just can't get it into gear.

Once again i'm deep in conversation with myself where i dig up whats really bothering me to not make progress forward and the one thing that keeps cropping up is the lack of workspace.

The constant ball ache of dragging tools and materials out from every corner of the garage workshop, the van, from under the boat or bench and generally digging around collating things into some form then balancing things on my knee, end of the small bench in the corner, or the table saw or the rather dusty floor.

So i have decided to build a modest shop next door to the shed, it'll be the same lightweight construction as the main shed (2"x2" and tarp wrapped). The hope is by 'knocking through' one major benefit will be a dedicated workspace separating dust from the main shed whilst having everything to hand and better ordered too, you can't believe how much time i lose at present looking for tools and drawings not to mention the bloody hoovering of everything daily.

When i came back from the IOW last year i meant to do it but convinced myself it unnecessary but seeing how long its taken to make some really basic joinery pieces and i haven't even got started yet i feel the only way to up the pace is to take the project more seriously in terms of my work environment so when time and indeed weather permits i'll start work on its construction.

This week saw the main bulkhead cut and machined, its not fitted as having a midweek tantrum due to being waist deep in tools and crap i stopped everything and spent yesterday loading the van for a run to the tip. I think that put me in an odd frame of mind cutting up and disposing of jigs and patterns that i spent an age designing and making now surplus to requirement - totally irrational i know but still troubling to me.

Troubling as the ends don't seem to justify the means, well they do of course - thats erroneous - but to spend days making a jig or pattern to then use it the once exascerbates my feelings of apathy.

Still tomorrows another day.....................................................

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