Saturday, 18 January 2014


Since i seem to be wasting so much at present waiting for a paid job to start i thought i'd sort out some of my photographic archive of the big jobs i've done like drying the hull and of course the appendages.

I have arranged the work on keels, rudder and the hot vac system chronologically, although theres not much annotation as theres loads of pictures but it may help someone somewhere so its more for information purposes that i've posted these as well as whats possible if you're someone like me. At present there's still no Centaur making itself known to Dylan but i understand he still has 12 weeks to find one so if anyone knows of one that fits his specific equation (floating+dead engine=Dylans boat) then holla!
The workshop is coming on, i have all the materials to finish but i'm waiting for the wind and rain to stop as i don't fancy doing a Rod Hull, but i'm confident it should be up and running soon and then with the paid work thats steadily coming in i should have the resources to hit the ground running when its a lot less damp as at the moment everything in the shed is soaked in condensation and smells a bit earthy too.



Greg Vanderboom ~ Something Else said...

Wow you've put a TON of work into your keels and rudder.

What were the monolith (glass and resin?) removed during the keel work? I liked the way you used ribs to beef up the keel floor should be VERY strong. Are the thick plates used to replace the crappy scrap metal "doublers" Westerly used under the keel nuts?

Is the rudder your design or to original design? What NACA # did you decide on?

Keep up the good work and press on. Looks like the boat will outlast both you and I once you're done.

roger ball said...

Hi Greg, yeah the keels had glass and cloth along the casting holes, all came apart rather too easy. Yeah the plates are 10mm thick a4 stainless, compared to the easily deformable ones Westerly supplied they should more than do the job.

The profile is NACA #15 which was 30% thinner than the original rudder profile which was a bit on the large side.

Cheers for the interest mate i only just realised there was a comment when editing another post so apologies for the late reply.

Greg Vanderboom ~ Something Else said...

I saw this posted on SA. Is this the same Dylan? Dylan Winter I think.

roger ball said...

Yep thats him Greg, i was on that very boat Sunday (9th)

Greg Vanderboom ~ Something Else said...

Seemed in pretty good shape. Is Dylan happy with it? Little TLC and he'll be on his way!

roger ball said...

Yeah the boats okay, the engine's perfect, theres extensive osmosis across the foredeck and down the sidedecks, i think created in part from the pullpit leg having been punched through the deck and not fixed.
But other than that it should require minimal work to get her seaworthy, hows your GK coming along?