Friday, 18 April 2014

I've had the odd bad come-down........................

But honestly to get three jobs cancelled one after the other.........well two were because i wouldn't bend over regarding the already hacked-to-the-bone price and the third "changed their mind" so not for the first time i'm splitting my time chewing my finger nails down to the quick and working on the boat....well the shop to be precise.

Having got over the effects of thirty hours in airplanes and airport lounges not to mention NZ people (some were very odd!) i ventured once more to the back garden where i've been working on my mini-masterpiece - the shop.

It was with a sense of relief after months of poking my nose through the plastic windows of the boat shed (and having my nostrels flared by what greeted them when checking on things) that the old kitchen units i'd saved could finally be fitted.

I didn't remember them being that smelly but considering the shed smells like something dead it was to be expected, added to this the curious brown stains both inside and out on all the kitchen units of which i kept telling myself " hey- its gravy - honest" so i kept larapping on the Cif (cleaner). After a couple of hours all the units were smelling lemony fresh, hands hurt mind you but a small price to pay.

The week before last i got all of the units in and tops on, had to buy some materials (Boo!!!) but on the whole the shop cost little more than the mdf and chipboard on the floor so not more than £200. The high point being my new supersonic - multi-use, 'for him and for her' workbench, its brill - its totally brill!

It takes up no room when stowed which was the problem with the previous two incarnations in the boat shed yet when it unfolds you can have a game of ping-pong........uh... maybe layout on it, (well it holds my weight of 19stone) -  game of tennis perhaps or a Tudor banquet or maybe just use it to make large items of interior joinery and cut big pieces of glass cloth............yep thats a better idea.

Fast forward to this week and i've been taking care of sorting out whats crap and what isn't whilst moving everything from the shed to the shop. It occured to me that i've almost lost control of this project when opening boxes thinking "i can't remember ordering that?" 

Luckily being as penniless as i am its heartening to see one of the old oven housings in the shop stocked top to bottom in West's and Jotun's products so no need to shell out in the near future on that front. There were a couple of un-opened boxes in the garage which turned out to be deck hardware and one which was epoxy floor paint (for the bilges.)
After another trip to the dump to get rid of the rubbish & i now have a boat shed with just a boat in and a properly wonky (read fucked) floor courtesy of the elements which will need my attention when funds improve. So for now with the shop just needing some glass in the windows and some leccy on the walls i turn my attention to making what repairs i can afford to the shed.

These include stripping out more dead wood as well as removing old electrical circuits then i'll don the red tunic/brown trouser combo and sort the roof out as the purlin timbers have all moved (no doubt from the weather we had earlier) as theres a decidedly wonky line to the roof at present...............

Oh well its a hobby ( I think?).

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