Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Something of a surprise!

It was after emailing Tony about taking some waterline measurements that i realised i hadn't heard from Mike in a while and presumed his boat Poachers Lady must've sold.

The boat was in exemplary condition when i saw her at the beginning of the year and the biggest hurdle for a Centaur had been cleared namely a new Beta B 20 installed only a few years back i thought oh well, its gone and knowing Mike had already bought a great little motor cruiser in the shape of a Hardy 20 i thought that was the end of it, but no it hasn't sold?

Now we all know the economics of boat ownership defies theories on the subject but to have a Centaur this well-sorted with all the important bits done still unsold seems something of a mystery to me and at the price its advertised for deepens this.

So by way of thanking Mike for letting me measure the boat on a couple of occasions i've decided to post some pictures of said boat here.


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