Sunday, 7 September 2014

Still, moving on................

Readers i love a list, they give you a sense of achievement and a way of quantifying progress, but admittedly can also give you a sense of how little you've got done yet this week i ticked off four tasks; wanted five but thats life, mainly due to a bit of a mid-week  disaster bonding the aeroply over the sheathed bulkhead and had to tear it down wasting quite a bit of money in the process.

Still whats life without a bit of trial and error, i got there in the end and re-learned the moderately skilled art of conforming wood, be it skinny ply to a not unreasonably tight curve.

The boats starting to take on a more modern character down below thanks to the new bulkhead even if it has a certain 'deco' look about it. 

What have i learnt this week? 

Well you cant always get wood to do what you want no matter how much you shout and swear at it, also when the going gets tough i find it best to have a little sulk; and being British, have a cup of tea then go back with fresh eyes and some caffeine running through your vains.  

Having now got the rig reinforcements bonded to the hull minus the cloth this coming week i'll crack on with the settee structures.  i spent a bit of time measuring the sofas in my lounge and getting family members to measure where the top of my head is when sat in the sofa. However when i marked out these dimensions on the new bulkhead the first thing i've noticed is how low the sofa sits relative to the rest of the boat; a bit like sitting in the bilges.

One thing i noticed surveying the interior of Mike's Centaur was you could look out of the boats windows but you couldn't get terribly comfortable leaning back.

To alleviate this i'm initally going to drop the seat base down by 150mm so effectively you'd be sat under the side deck, with the sofa back way less upright than Layout B and C which is almost vertical. 
Not being sure how this will work out i think i'll dry fit everything, nick some cushions from indoors and have a look as although i appreciate a good view i like comfort more...............

Also anyone looking for a very tidy Centaur for very little money should look here or down below to the previous post.

Au revoir.


Derek said...

Glad to see you got that covered in the end. What finish is it going to be, paint or varnish? Any pics of the chainplates under the deck?


roger ball said...

Yeah bit of a battle mate but got there in the end, finish-wise, dunno still might veneer the bulkhead, got a few ideas species-wise but not sure if it'll be a bit too much having the bulkhead covered in wood as well as everything else in the saloon, might end up looking like the inside of a barrel.
The chainplate design has changed and i'm now thru-bolting a rather large s/s fitting through the side of the hull as it'll be stronger than bolting through the deck and relying on a welded fitting. i'm going laminate everything up tomorrow, those pics are as far as i've got.