Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lounging around.

Got to frame up the settee today after running out the hardwood to the desired dimensions, decided to frame it all up as per Richard Gunn's Mk1 Griffon, i've made a couple of cock-up's but overall nothing that cant be sorted and does look like a reasonable copy of said Griffon. 

Tomorrow i'm off to look at an engine compartment or two to crystalise a few ideas seeing as the paint i applied last weekend and Monday has only just dried back so i'll get on the case next week. 

Was hoping to mount the steel angles on Tuesday but for the paint hence i moved onto framing up the settee instead. Tomorrow i'll tab in the settee as i've left this until last as i'd rather work around the joinery than vice-versa.

The framing' under considerable pressure, a testament to the epoxy and PU adhesive that's bonded the 
bulkheads to the hull, for all my whinging it does the job i guess. Then onto the engine compartment get the rails in then that 'll allow me to close in the 'utility room' where the additional tanks live; get the bulkhead (i made weeks ago) bonded in then we've officially closed the back of the boat off from the saloon that'll allow me to then frame up the galley too. 

If by Christmas i can be back outside finishing the deck details i'll be a happy bunny...............well more happier than i've been in while on this..................



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