Saturday, 4 October 2014

No more clever ideas.

I've likened the relavence of my project to Marcel Marceau' voice coach and the frustrations it bestows on me to that of pushing water uphill by hand, yet this week - like the last - i would find time still having its way with me.

I'll admit for the first time (in a long time) doubts are starting to creep in about this boat ever seeing the sea again, i know whats happened and its this; this projects gone on too long. 

Largely through my own fault but aided and abetted by a continual lack of funds / time plus the decisions made and methods used.

I got real down midweek when several ideas i drew up, made then realised wouldn't work and so the (now) common site of lots of wasted materials all over the shop and a hell of a lot of wasted time sent me down the hole for a while.

In the past i'd have a cider or six and tell myself tomorrows another day but i have to keep my head 'on' as the clock is now ticking (for reasons i won't go into) so from this point forward the boat will be alot simpler inside and out which is not what i wanted (a full repro Centaur) but I can't help but think i've over-reached myself.

I've alluded to it before but i still can't get a pace or a rhythm going with this work, one of the culprits being the choice of resin used. I'm pretty sure i'll never come this way again but if i did, one thing that sticks out for sheer amount of time and money required to step-up, process and execute is epoxy resin, i will never use this stuff again i'm sure.

Apart from the above reasons, i was taping a couple of pieces the other day using poly resin and having it kick in minutes and then being able to then move on to the next bit; god it was brilliant - i actually got some momentum going for a while rather than the experience of epoxy:

First wrestle everything into the bag then find the leaks then get it pulled down and leave for 24 hours then pull it out the bag and find sanding work is needed to clean the part up before fitting - it gets me down. Not least because of all the vac tape, peel ply, breather cloth, bagging material as well as the epoxy itself at nearly £400 a keg that you have to buy to make this nightmare a reality in the first place.

What seem like the simplest of ideas on paper take a bloody lifetime to make,  i am of course not discounting a lack of talent on my part but i'm getting tired trying to accomplish simple things whilst expending such enormous amounts of effort. EDIT: I should add the workshop has proved invaluable in getting done what i have but i'm still so far away.

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