Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The good ship Emmental.

It was only when i stepped back, almost off the stern i realised today just how much i've cut out of the arse end of my Centaur, the latest in 'weight-saving' came about from cutting a 10" diameter hole in the cockpit floor to access the fuel tanks systems.
Real pleased as its a big improvement on what was there plus it also allows the tank to be cleaned and everything coming off of it can be checked if problems occur. Like everything on this project it wasn't straight forward, taking until lunch before i had the tank where i wanted it , positioned, fixed down and then removed so i could paint.

Must of had the bloody thing in and out a dozen times including undoing and doing up the screws that hold the tanks feet on too! Still all worthwhile so now i know that works i'm hoping to do one more coat in the bilges tomorrow then bolt in the tank permanently as well as the rails.

 The only shame is the tank will be permanently mounted and wont be removable as the back feet have to be fitted after the front feet are on and the tank is strapped down. Found out after much head-scratching this morning the plate with all the inlets and outlets had to be removed to get the tank in the gap as the reinforcing cross beam that keeps the cockpit floor from collapsing obstructs the tank, still you cant have it all. I guess if it had to come out i'd find a way i'm sure.


Kymeric said...

Hi Roger.
I share your conundrum / frustration with certain items' installation design and accessibility. While I would much prefer that everything be installed in such a way that it is easily removable through a port, hatch, etc., I have resigned myself, for things like water and fuel tanks, to what I call "sawzall accessible". If it only needs to be replaced / removed due to unusual circumstances, I figure; if I built it in once, I can do it again. It's just FRP and some time.
Keep up the great work! Eric

roger ball said...

Thanks mate,
These jobs would be alot easier without the deck on eh?