Sunday, 7 December 2014

A little bit to show.

Haven't achieved a great deal this week, but got a bit further along and ticked a few more things off my mega list; these included building and mounting the lid for the battery box, making up plywood panels to section off the different lockers under the cockpit* and making the box that the galley module will sit on.

*This was a pain in the arse as the space i'm working in is 2/3rds the size of me, i swear when i sectioned the cockpit when i made all those lockers it was a darn site easier than i find it now as more than a couple of days in there and my knees swell up - weird!

Still thats done, just needs a couple of coats of white but seeing as its so cold in the shed and i don't want large heating bills i may wait to paint these bits, the big job i started on Thursday after finishing the battery box for now was the galley box.

To be more precise the foundation the galley will sit on, i had to make it so it so access was maintained to the keel bolts although considering the spreader plates are bonded to the stub floor theres not a lot you can do other than tightening the nuts, if any 'big maintanence needs doing it'll mean an air saw and lots of swearing but i try not to think of these things now.

Didn't get it totally finished today but will have it bonded to the hull and wrapped to tomorrow. Again i've realised there's an order to the chaos in so far as i can't build out the galley until the companionway is built seeing as that will abutt the galley and the battery /electrical are on the other so will get that in then sort the floor out whilst trying to keep the ply waterproof.

Its not worm proof thats for sure as i routed out the 2mm strip to take the glass tabbing to find loads of 1mm lines in the lamination below all in random directions.

Until the next time.

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